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Driver & Veteran Owned, in Taxi Business Since 1946
503-227-1212 / 360-694-1234
Driver & Veteran Owned, in Taxi Business Since 1946
503-227-1212 / 360-694-1234
Driver & Veteran Owned, in Taxi Business Since 1946
503-227-1212 / 360-694-1234
Driver & Veteran Owned, in Taxi Business Since 1946

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Radio Cab Will Help You Fall in Love with Opera Again

Winter is coming, dear friends. If you didn’t catch up with the freshest Game of Thrones episodes, maybe now would be the time to binge them (or even if you did, binge-rewatching is always an option). After all, the cold weather is slowly creeping into Portland neighborhoods, leaving people less and less inclined to spend their time outdoors (obviously). There are still plenty of places to visit in Greater Portland Area even when the temperatures dip below those enjoyable 70°F, but you can’t deny… People prefer the warmth and comfort of a taxicab nearby when these cold periods come. Going on foot is more of a summer-time activity, you’ll have to agree.

What to Do in Portland, Oregon During 2018/2019 Winter?

As your trusted road companion in greater Portland metropolitan area, including Vancouver, Washington roads since 1946, Radio Cab is here to help you endure this cold weather too. You can always stay in the comfort of your own house, but no matter how much you enjoy your introvert tendencies and your own company, you are bound to get bored eventually (sorry!). In case you haven’t heard – life happens outside! So let’s get you out of your comfort zone! What activity would be interesting and easy to reach with the nearest Portland taxi cab company by my side (wink-wink)?

Keller Auditorium - Radio Cab Will Help You Fall in Love with Opera Again

When I suggest Opera or Ballet, You Say…. What?

Oh, come on guys! Don’t be so judgy! Opera doesn’t have to be for the stuffy pretentious people who like to stare at strangers screaming for hours at the time. How dare you! Don’t be so mean! Portland is lucky to have such a Keller Auditorium functioning since 1917, especially because it produces wonderful shows year in and year out!

Truly! What is the best way to get to the Keller Auditorium? From PDX to 222 SW Clay Street there are around 12 miles. With this handy coupon of the best Portland taxi company close to you, that will cost you only 33.50 $. The trip from any Downtown location back to the Portland International Airport is only 31.00 $. Not to say that you’re going to fly right after the show, but being a smart consumer is the key when trying to enjoy nice things. What’s the harm in knowing that your taxi to airport fare could be economical if you choose the best company to take you there?

What Is on the Agenda for Portland  Opera in 2018/19 Season?

Lots of stuff! The season opens with November 2018  and ends in August of 2019. In that time you can drop by Verdi’s “La Traviata” at the beginning of November. Then you have a chance to take in the execution of Laura Kaminsky’s “As One” at the end of March. On May 11th there’s a “Big Night Concert” and in June you’ll get to enjoy Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville”. July and August will be marked by “La Finta Giardiniera” (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) and “In the Penal Colony” (Philip Glass). The only thing you have to worry about are the tickets since you already know a fantastic Portland taxi service that will drive you straight from your home to the opera’s entrance.

Portland Opera Near Me - Radio Cab Will Help You Fall in Love with Opera Again

When is Portland Opera to Go Near Me?

Portland Opera to Go (or POGO for short) is trying to bring the “cool” back into opera! How? They make 50-minute, English versions of famous operas and then perform them around Oregon and SW Washington schools and community venues. This year it’s Seville’s favorite barber’s turn to shine in a bilingual adaptation of this Rossini’s classic (not to be confused with the above mentioned “big opera” production, that’s in June).  #figarofigarofigaro

This Saturday, October 27 at 2:00 they’ll have a free and open to the public performance Cedar Hills United Church of Christ. This venue is only 20 minutes (8-10 miles) away from or  Hillsboro. The shortest route from Tualatin to 11695 SW Park Way, Portland is around 12 miles long. A  little bit less than 9 miles away from Lake Oswego and a mere 2 miles from Beaverton Town Square.

The Tigard Public Library, will be the place where magic happens on Monday, November 12. Radio Cab can take you from Oregon City, Milwaukie, Clackamas or literally any other location near and far from Portland and Vancouver wherever you want to go! On November 17 they’re performing at Chehalem Cultural Center, and the tickets are 5$ a pop.

In December (8th and 15th) the show will be at Hampton Opera Center. This time tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children (12 and under), and $20 for a family of four. If you get yourself a taxi service near Portland to and from Gresham, Happy Valley, Vancouver, Damascus or any other town, village or spot that’s on Radio Cab’s radar.

Just call 503-227-1212 or 360-694-1234. Tell us when and where. Count on Radio Cab to deliver anytime you need a taxi ride now!