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Radio Cab Takes You to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)

Education and entertainment come hand in hand in beautiful Portland, Oregon. This time, Radio Cab is taking you to one of the city’s most popular attractions – the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry or OMSI. Enjoy a large-screen theatre, exhibition halls, and planetarium with plenty of interactive activities related to industry, technology, and science. Whether you need a ride from Downtown Portland to OMSI, want to book a ride from PDX Airport, or need a taxicab pickup from somewhere near Vancouver, WA, Beaverton, or Clackamas, contact the best local taxi and your experience will be stress-free.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Should I Visit OMSI?

Portland’s OMSI is an exciting science center set on Wilmette River’s east bank that encourages hands-on learning for visitors of all ages. You’ll find many engaging events, planetarium shows, and interactive exhibitions perfect for all curious minds and science lovers. Since this is one of the leading science museums in the country with a strong international reputation, you don’t want to miss it on your way to Portland. If you need a quick ride to 1945 SE Water Ave in Portland or want to reserve your ride from any location like Pearl District or South Portland, call Radio Cab and get quick rides at fair rates.

How to Get to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Even though the public transportation system in Portland is decent, the quickest, easiest, and fastest way to get to the museum from any part of the city or its suburbs is to book a taxi with Radio Cab. This veteran & driver-owned taxicab company has been serving local visitors and residents since 1946 and has decades of experience providing safe and affordable transportation for everyone. If you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle or transportation for groups or business travelers, call the local ground transportation experts and know your rides will be enjoyable and fuss-free.

What Does OMSI offer?

Intellectually Stimulating Exhibits

OMSI explores many different topics, covering them with engaging exhibits related to anything from the universe and wildlife to the wonders of the human body and the magic of chemistry. Discover new things about physics and biology while having fun! If you want to make your children fall in love with knowledge and nature, make sure to visit this place when visiting Portland.

Exploring Science Labs

You will not be just an observer. Visitors can participate in various experiments, demonstrations, and workshops in many science laboratories inside the museum. This way, participants will gain first-hand experiences to boost their knowledge, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

The Planetarium

If you’re into fascinating visuals, you will love the OMSI Planetarium. Boosted with cutting-edge technology, this place will trigger your curiosity about the universe and our place in it. The shows are equally entertaining to children and adults, leaving no one indifferent.

The World of Penguins

Immerse yourself into the world of penguins in a replicated Antarctic ecosystem. You’ll have an insight into their world and see how hard it is to survive surrounded by predators. If you love these unique birds or want to see what it’s like to live in their neighborhood, consider checking out this show.

What to Do near OMSI?

The area around the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is quite interesting. The museum is located right next to the beautiful Wilmette River. You can visit and take a tour of the retired submarine that served the US Navy, go on a scenic walk or a bike ride down the Eastbank Esplanade, have a coffee in the OMSI Cafe’s outdoor area, or walk across the beautiful Tilikum Crossing Bridge. Of course, you can always hail a cab and explore the rest of East Portland or any other part of the city.

Radio Cab – The OMSI Transportation Service

Whether you travel alone or in a group, Radio Cab provides smooth and fast transportation in top-shaped vehicles. Fair rates, excellent service, and responsible drivers are the reasons why this established Portland taxi has been among us for 77 years. Arrange an airport pickup for your family or get a quick driver on demand from any part of the greater Portland or Vancouver, WA. Call 503-227-1212 from Portland and 360-694-1234 from Vancouver. You won’t break the bank while discovering the beauty of this town, and you’ll arrive everywhere on time.

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