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A Taxi Tour to Portland’s Museums and Galleries

Are you looking for a unique place to explore in the United States? Portland, Oregon, lives with a creative spirit that can be experienced in its thriving art scene. There is no better way for an art lover to discover the city’s numerous museums and galleries than by going on a perfectly designed taxi trip. Allow Radio Cab to lead you through the exciting world of Portland’s art scene, revealing the most exciting locations and exposing you to the dynamic cultural spots that make this city a creative sanctuary.

Taxi Tour to Portland’s Museums and Galleries

Pearl District’s Art Scene

Expect to be charmed as we drive into Portland’s Pearl District, once an industrial neighborhood turned into an area with an attractive art scene. Your friendly and experienced taxi driver will transport you between contemporary galleries, where you’ll find intriguing pieces by both young and long-rooted artists, thanks to their extensive knowledge of the local area. From avant-garde installations to fascinating mixed-media masterpieces, the Pearl District’s artistic atmosphere will leave you speechless. Here are some of the most exciting local art institutions:

  • The Elizabeth Leach Gallery offers contemporary art by local and international artists, delivering thought-provoking exhibits that push the frontiers of creative expression and stimulate conversation.
  • Augen Gallery, known for its commitment to modern art, captivates visitors with its broad array of exhibitions, which include abstract paintings and intriguing installations that bridge the gap between tradition and innovation.
  • Blue Sky Gallery sheds light on the power of photography as an art form. If you’re into visual storytelling, visiting this Pearl District’s gem is a must.
  • The Museum of Contemporary Craft honors craftsmanship and inventive ideas found at the crossroads of art, craft, and design. It has exhibitions that highlight the developing landscape of craft-based artwork.

  • The Portland Art Museum

    The Portland Art Museum is a spectacular sanctuary where art and vision collide, showing deep respect for human artistic capacity. The museum’s vast and diversified collection serves as a portal to a timeless journey across creative time periods and worldwide cultures. One of the West Coast’s oldest art museums hosts a variety of shows ranging from classical to modern art. Aside from its spectacular collection, the place is a thriving cultural hub that fosters a community of artists and researchers.

    Explore the museum’s broad halls and get lost in the exciting world of renowned artists and historical treasures. Our skilled cab drivers are available 24/7. You can hail a cab on the street or, even better, call 503-227-1212 and book a ride with a single phone call.

    Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA)

    A cab ride through Portland’s art scene would be incomplete without a stop at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA). PICA is known for pushing the frontiers of creative expression with cutting-edge exhibitions and unique performances. Your taxi will take you to this vibrant institution at 15 NE Hancock Street, where you can see inspiring exhibits, connect with artists through engaging interactions, and see performances that challenge the common views of art.

    Alberta Arts District

    Your driver will be happy to show you the Alberta Arts District, a dynamic neighborhood filled with creative energy, as we continue our unique artistic sightseeing tour. This area is home to an abundance of small galleries and art studios, as well as bars and restaurants. Explore one-of-a-kind art places such as the Guardino Gallery, where you can see works by local rising artists, or visit the countless art studios that open their doors during the annual Last Thursday art walk. The area is also famous for street art and artsy shops. Whether you’re an art buff or simply love traveling and visiting distinctive local neighborhoods, Alberta Arts District will show you the soul of this unique and beautiful city.

    Leave No Stone Unturned

    Tour Portland’s art culture with a taxi service that’s been in business since 1946. Radio Cab’s tailored taxi tour is your ticket to the hidden beauties of The City of Roses, where you’ll discover secret treasures, meet creative artists, and immerse yourself in transforming works of art. Discover the heart of the city’s creative landscape. 

    Book a  ride today and go on a journey that will open your eyes and show you that Portland, Oregon is much more than craft beer, roses, and the tech industry.

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