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How to Safely Enjoy Beautiful Oregon Outdoors this May

Safely Enjoy Beautiful Oregon Outdoors

Life may seem to be going back to normal slowly. However, you should still follow certain rules so that your and the health of everyone around you isn’t jeopardized. As you already know, Oregon has begun opening its beautiful outdoors for the public. Of course, not everything will be available, and everyone will have to adjust to the current situation. 

That’s why, in order to make this period of uncertainty a bit easier, Radio Cab has decided not only to offer the safest taxi services in Oregon but also to inform you about the rules that will make your outdoor fun both safe and enjoyable.

As you already know, Radio Cab is one of the best cab companies near Portland. This team has been successfully taking care of your Oregon taxi rides for decades, skillfully minding the road so that you can relax and enjoy every minute of your smooth ride. That’s why these transportation experts have decided to be useful in another way and offer the best tips on how to be safe while enjoying your time outdoors and getting some fresh air.

Before Radio Cab helps you and your family stay safe, let’s see which Oregon parks and outdoor areas have been opened for the public after weeks of being closed.

Which Outdoor Areas in Oregon Have Been Reopened?

City parks in Oregon are mostly open to the public but only during the day. You can jog there, hike, ride a bike, take your pet for a walk, and similar. Playgrounds and other areas where people usually don’t respect social distancing will remain closed due to safety measures. 

When it comes to state parks, some of the smaller ones are opened, while large parks will stay closed until further notice. All Portland parks are open, but the fields and sports courts are still closed. The same goes for Tualatin.

If you’re interested in whether or not the forests in Oregon are open, you should know that only the hiking trails, as well as target shooting, are available to the public. Camping is, of course, forbidden for now. Some National Forests are still closed, but the majority will reopen by the end of May. 

Also, the Oregon Coast is partially reopened. You can enjoy beautiful water surfaces while respecting social distancing. 

How to Stay Safe Outdoors?

  • Wear masks
  • Avoid crowds
  • Go out with the family members from your household
  • Respect social distancing
  • Check which areas are open before going out
  • Bring hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, toilet paper, etc. with you
  • Be ready to adjust to the current situation and the fact that not every service will be available 
  • Don’t go out if you’re feeling sick
  • Respect the rules in each area
  • Hire the closest taxicab on-demand in Oregon 

  • Are Taxi Rides with Radio Cab Safe?

    Radio Cab Taxi Rides - Safely Enjoy Beautiful Oregon Outdoors

    If one thing has stayed the same during this chaotic period, it’s the fact that taxi rides in Portland with Radio Cab are and always will be safe, efficient, and enjoyable. This team has gone above and beyond to ensure every vehicle is clean and sanitized after each client during this lockdown. Radio Cab kept in mind the cleanliness even before the virus outbreak, since the beginning of the company’s journey. Whether you reserve a cab from or to Gresham, Happy Valley, Lake Oswego, or any other Oregon area, expect to be provided with the smoothest, risk-free rides. 

    The team of veterans knows that trust is the most important thing when it comes to relationships with customers, both regular and new ones. This trust is built on top-notch services, flat rates, exemplary vehicles as well as friendliness and kindness of chauffeurs. All of this, and much more, will be provided to you every time you give Radio Cab a call and book a “Portland taxicab near me” for any transportation-related service.

    How to Book a Cab Near Me?

    Radio Cab strives to be as efficient as possible. That’s why you can rest assured that your reserved vehicle will always arrive on time, and the reservation process will also be a piece of cake! Customer satisfaction is Radio Cab’s number one priority. That’s why all of the clients who want to hire a Portland cab close by can do it in three ways: 

  • ba calling
  • by downloading the mobile app on Android or iOS
  • by using the booking widget on the website

  • Whichever type of reservation you choose, the first thing you need to do in order to find all of the necessary information about the services, rates and similar is to issue a “taxi near me” / “Portland cab for hire” / “where to find the best taxi companies in Oregon Cityor any other similar command. You’ll be directed to Radio Cab’s website where you can finish the reservation in a couple of minutes, and your vehicle will be on its way! 

    This team stands by to assist you not only by providing extraordinary rides but also delivery services that can be extremely helpful in these times. Stay safe and have nice cab rides with the best taxi service provider in the area – Radio Cab.

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