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Driver & Veteran Owned, in Taxi Business Since 1946
503-227-1212 / 360-694-1234
Driver & Veteran Owned, in Taxi Business Since 1946
503-227-1212 / 360-694-1234
Driver & Veteran Owned, in Taxi Business Since 1946

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It’s New Year’s Eve in Portland, and You Have No Idea Where to Go? Here Are 5 Ideas You May Want to Pick Up

5 Ideas You May Want to Pick Up - It’s New Year’s Eve in Portland

Now when Thanksgiving is over, New Year’s is your next big celebration to think about, and plan. Not many people have it all figured out at the end of the year which poses for a perfect reason one reflects, thinks their actions through, solidifies their emotions, re-thinks their decisions and choices in the previous 12 months. But not everything about New Year’s has to be so difficult to process – some of it (or at least most of it) should be about having fun, cheering to everything great that happened and opening yourself up for the novelty and excitement of all things new. And, if you get to celebrate everything with those you love – even better!

If you live in Portland or are just passing by, here are some great options to say goodbye to 2018 as you enjoy your champagne toasts, dance parties, tasty dinners, and a fantastic time!

NOTE: None of these are paid ads, they are just best Portland picks. Plus, Radio Cab circled the city around to see what’s happening in the streets, where the taxi can and cannot go through, etc. – so these are definitely the best ones. You’ll have a fabulous time, always a taxi nearby, you’ll be close to home – so what’s there not to like! Plus, if you want to make things even better, you can always apply for Radio Cab Specials and get superb service, immediately!


If you are looking to welcome 2019 in a more intimate atmosphere, Verdigris is the place to be. Still, the fact your evening is intimate won’t make it boring or any less indulgent than a regular party-fest. In fact, the cozy, rustic Verdigris could be everything you are looking forward to getting out of your New Year’s celebration – apart from the beautiful atmosphere, and you’ll be served a five-course dinner of Northwestern cooking with a French touch. The price ranges from $72 to $83, but it mostly depends on the entree chosen. It’s great that each course comes with options that include half a Maine lobster with ravioli, crab and cauliflower cocktail, Mary’s farm chicken for two, and potato gnocchi with chanterelles and mozzarella.

If you are interested in this offer, call to arrange a seat as reservations will not be taken online.

Eatery at the Grant House

Eatery at the Grant House - It’s New Year’s Eve in Portland

Well, well, if you are celebrating your New Year’s Eve at the super elegant Eatery at the Grant House, you definitely won’t stay hungry! With a four-course dinner and every course coming with two to three options such as cacio e pepe, celery root bisque, oysters, foie gras parfait, and chocolate hazelnut torte, you’ll get to enjoy every second of it. Dinner will be $75 + beverage pairings for $30 or $50. But, the New Year’s reservation Eatery at the Grant House isn’t just about tasty food! You get tickets to the Coast to Coast party from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., with raffle prizes, live music, snacks, and dessert as well as a champagne toast on both midnight EST and PST. If you are not up for dinner, you can skip it and party for $30 only. After the celebration is over, in case you hadn’t already booked a ride, don’t bother yourself with questions like How to get a taxi near my location? or Where to find a taxi at New Year’s? … Radio Cab is your go-to!

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Asia-meets-France dining is always an exciting moment on everyone’s plate, especially during New Year’s. If you want to enjoy a minimalist, chic restaurant – Aviary is the place to be. You’ll be served a four-course dinner to toast the new year: enjoy everything from a chestnut soup to silken tofu and sweet-and-sour-glazed black cod. This delicious dinner will cost you $75, with an optional $40 wine pairing. Get the reservations by phone or OpenTable, and count on Radio Cab to take you there!


Say goodbye to 2018 with a seven-course dinner as you enjoy the modern, dark-toned Quaintrelle. Pay $85 for dinner or $135 for dinner paired with wine and cocktails. On top of a delicious meal you’ll be getting dishes like oysters with preserved lemon, bacon, chili, and chive; crab, beans with pork belly, foie gras, and cornbread, etc. Reservations are available at Tock, and seatings are at 5:30 and 8:30 p.m.


Acadia - It’s New Year’s Eve in Portland

For a low-key but an elegant and intimate New Year’s celebration, Acadia is the perfect Southern-style bistro to check out. You’ll enjoy a variety of Southern options, from smoked pork cheeks with white cheddar grits to Cajun County gumbo. Reservations start at 5 p.m. So, grab a cab near your location and hit the road!

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At the end of 2018, when you put things in perspective, you’ll know what to do next, how to behave in 2019, and what things you’d like changed. One thing that doesn’t need changing is your taxicab ride. You’ve trusted and enjoyed Radio Cab for years, and there’s no need to stop now. You can organize Radio Cab to pick you up or drop you off at any of the restaurants listed here, or any other – and our team will be at your disposal. Whether you are celebrating the New Year’s at Beaverton or Gresham, Vancouver or Oregon (or any other service area), Radio Cab is there to take your call. Happy New Year!