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Helping Families


Helping Families in need since 1996

First, the driver veteran/owner/operators of Radio Cab Foundation would like to thank you for taking the time and interest to read about the many ways we are helping seniors, the infirm and families-in-need that lack transportation throughout our community in the Portland metropolitan area. Second, you should know this is an overwhelming task, and we can’t do it alone. Your help is what we hope for.

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Kids’ Fan Club

Kids’ Fan Club arranges social events at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital for the youngest. Joining forces with partners Sunshine Dairy, Burgerville and Portland Fire and Rescue Bureau, Radio Cab Foundation organizes a visit to the kids that deserve special attention. Taxi drivers, firefighters, local entrepreneurs, volunteers, friends and neighbors are serving lunches and ice creams during lunchtime, making the kids feel special. You can also help by joining us and supporting the project..

Gratitude to our Volunteers, Sponsors and Donors

We are devoted to our community and are giving our best to provide help to the families powerless to experience a memorable Christmas Day with their loved ones. All of our contributors, donors and volunteers are heroes, and there are no words to describe how lucky and thankful we are for them.

Whether you want to volunteer or donate to the Kids’ Fan Club or The Radio Cab Turkey Project you are more than welcome. Your effort will make a difference.

Turkey Project

Radio Cab Turkey Project is a hunger relief program serving meals to those less fortunate during holiday season; not everyone was blessed with having a wholesome meal at their table and Radio Cab wants to help. This is a unique food program that provides people in need who live in the Greater Portland area with a turkey and all the fixings for Christmas, to enjoy one of the most cherished holiday meals of the year. Seniors, the infirm and families that lack transportation are the first ones on our map and you’d make everyone really happy if you could join us on our mission.

What additionally sets Turkey Project apart from other potentially similar Christmas humanitarian activities is its personal touch: hundreds of turkeys are personally delivered to those in need with Radio Cab veterans, owners and operators volunteering their time to reach out to seniors, the infirm, and those without transportation and help out.

Visit to find out how you can donate to this wonderful cause.

Another benefit of the Turkey Project is its personal touch. Hundreds of turkeys are delivered personally by the veteran/owner/operators of Radio Cab who volunteer their time to reach seniors, the infirm, and those without transportation.

Visit to find out how you can donate to this wonderful cause.

Cancellations and Bookings

All cancellations of local trips made before the booking time and prior to vehicle dispatch will not incur a penalty charge. If you need to cancel a booking please contact us by phoning our call center at 503-227-1212. As a general rule, local trips are normally dispatched up to twenty minutes before their due time.


In the event of circumstances beyond our control, Radio Cab reserves the right to cancel all services. Where payment has been made, a refund will be issued. If a car breaks down during the journey, an alternative will be provided as quickly as possible.


No refunds will be given for trips terminated part way through the hire. If the trip was prepaid or a flat rate, full fare will be due to the driver. If the trip is not prepaid, full meter rate for the portion of the journey completed will be due to the driver.

Radio Cab Return/Refund Policy

Due to fraud concerns, our return & refund policy varies depending on the type of transaction for which a refund is sought.

Gift Cards

Radio Cab gift cards cannot be refunded or exchanged unless the balance remaining is less than $5. To redeem a Radio Cab gift card with a remaining balance of $5 or less please follow these simple steps:

Please email us with your request at manager at Be sure to include your name, gift card number, and the reason for your request.

Ship your card(s) back to us at the below address. Be sure to use a trackable shipping method such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS Priority Mail. Please include your contact information and your gift card(s).

Ship to:

Gift Card Return

Radio Cab Co.

1613 NW Kearney St.

Portland, OR 97209

Acceptance Criteria for Refunds:

Please ensure that the gift card you are returning meets the following criteria in order to receive a refund:

The gift card has not been damaged in any way

The balance on the card is $5 or less

Once we have verified that your returned gift card(s) meet our acceptance standards, a credit will be put back on your credit or debit card within 10 days after receiving your returned Radio Cab gift card.

Radio Cab is not responsible for any loss, damage or failure of delivery of your gift card return.

This policy ONLY applies to physical gift cards that are shipped to you.

AR Accounts

Credit card, debit card, and gift card over payments on AR accounts may be refunded. A refund must be requested with 90 days of the payment date. Radio Cab will verify the reason for your refund request and a credit will be put back on your credit or debit card within 10 days after verification of the reason for your refund request.

In-cab Credit Card Transactions

In-cab Credit card, debit card, and gift card payments are refundable in the event of an overcharge or fraud. In-cab credit card payment refunds must be requested within 90 days of the ride date. Refunds to credit/debit cards can only be refunded to the original card used. 

* Radio Cab Co. its subsidiaries and its licensees, successors, and assigns reserve the right to amend these terms at any time and to make exceptions on case-by-case basis.